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Tour Edge Women's Exotics Xrail Hybrid

Women's Exotics Xrail Hybrid

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The message is clear and unmistakable: power accuracy and forgiveness. These are the attributes of one of the best performing hybrids in golf the Xrail. Easy-to-hit the Xrail's sole features two outer rails and one wider inner rail that help players hit perfect shots from any lie. The new Xrail places 15% more weight in the larger outer rails to producing a higher moment of inertia for enhanced stability on off-center hits. The new wider diamond-shaped inner rail guides the clubface into a square position at impact. The V-sole design also minimizes divots from heavy lies so shots get up and away quickly and easily. Exotics products have a rich heritage of craftsmanship. The Xrail is no different. Incorporating multi-metal construction the Xrail combines a hyper-steel body with a thinner Carpenter steel face. The thinner face along with variable face thickness allows for exceptional feel proven forgiveness and added power even on off-center hits.