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Odyssey Versa 90 Sabertooth Super Stroke Putter

Versa 90 Sabertooth Super Stroke Putter

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mprove alignment, attain better concentration and start sinking more putts with the Odyssey Men's Versa 90 Sabertooth Putter. High contrast alignment system makes squaring the club face easy for putts that roll straight and true. The black and white color scheme focuses your eyes, improving concentration and accentuating the proper face angle. Finished off with an improved White Hot insert for more consistent sound, feel and performance.

Sabertooth: Peak Stability Design

  • Dual fangs position most of the weight in the club head's perimeter
  • Increased MOI increases forgiveness for better results on off-center hits
  • Aiming channels help align the putter to the target

High Contrast Alignment

  • High contrast alignment encourages a proper face angle
  • Increases consistency throughout the stroke keeping the club face square
  • Black and white coloring keep your eyes focused, improving concentration
  • Color palette accentuates face angle

Improved White Hot Insert

  • Improved White Hot insert is engineered for more consistent sound, feel and performance
  • Better results on hits across the club face
  • A laser milling process is used to achieve an extremely tight tolerances
  • Insert shape more closely matches the club head shape for enhanced consistency

SuperStroke 3.0 Grip

  • Patented, parallel technology help you to apply even pressure with both hands
  • Eliminates added tension in the wrists and forearms
  • Enhances a pendulum-like putting stroke
  • Lightweight foam under listing
  • High-tech PU material with CrossTraction technology for improved feel and tackiness