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Titleist Vokey SM5 Gold Nickel Wedge

Vokey SM5 Gold Nickel Wedge

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Titleist Men's Vokey SM5 Wedge - Nickel Gold Finish

Start achieving more greens in regulation with the Titleist Men's Vokey SM5 Wedge. Spin Milled technology produces maximum spin with superb distance and trajectory control. TX3 grooves are specially designed to channel away grass and sand for purer contact between the golf ball and club face. Tour-proven sole grinds enable you to select a wedge that not only complements your individual swing type but also your playing conditions for optimial performance.

More Spin

  • Better Trajectory and more distance
  • Deeper TX3 grooves that channel grass and sand away from the club face
  • Improved contact between the golf ball and wedge grooves

Compact Profile

  • Balanced shape with a shorter blade length
  • Rounder toe profile created from PGA Tour player feedback

Increased Groove Durability

  • High-frequency face heat treatment
  • Longer spin retention over the life of the club
  • Enjoy approach shots with amazing stopping power round-after-round

Clean Looks

  • Professional Nickel Gold finish
  • Inspires confidence at address
  • Unique, eye-catching style

Tour-Proven Sole Grinds

  • Execute shots more efficiently
  • Effective selection of lofts, bounce angles and sole grinds
  • Perfectly complement swing style, shot technique and course conditions

About The Grinds


  • Full sole with moderate camber
  • Small trailing edge ribbon
  • Swing Type: Slider, Neutral & Digger
  • Condition Type: Firm, Medium & Soft


  • Full sole with straight trailing edge ribbon
  • Moderate heel relief
  • Swing Type: Slider & Neutral
  • Condition Type: Firm, Medium & Soft


  • Crescent sole with narrow forward bounce surface
  • Moderate camber
  • Swing Type: Slider & Neutral
  • Condition Type: Firm & Medium


  • Wide sole with increased bounce
  • Enhanced camber
  • Swing Type: Neutral & Digger
  • Condition Type: Medium & Soft