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Titleist Lady 915 Hybrid

Titleist 915 Hybrid

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Titleist Lady 915 H 

Every lady golfer loves hybrids.  Look no further to complete your set! The Titleist Lady 915 H is designed for the player seeking a slightly higher launch, longer distance, and a straighter ball flight. The Titleist 915 H has a slightly larger head and delivers no draw bias when set at neutral. 

The Titleist Lady 915 H features the new Active Recoil Channel that’s positioned near the front of the club. This allows the weight to be shifted and create a lower CG. The Active Recoil Channel promotes a higher ball speed across the face and lower spin to generate more distance. 

Titleist 915 HD

The Titleist Lady 915 H also has an ultra thin face that flexes at impact and causes the ball to explode off the face with higher ball speeds that generate a longer shot. It also has a lower CG to promote stability and higher ball speed across the club to increase forgiveness. 

Titleist 915 HD