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Titleist 915 HD Hybrid

Titleist 915 HD

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Titleist 915 HD 

Looking to bridge the gap between your Fairway Woods and Irons? Look no further! The Titleist 915 HD is designed for the higher swing speed player seeking a slightly lower launch, less spin, and more workability. The Titleist 915 HD has a slightly more compact head and delivers slight draw bias when set at neutral.

The Titleist 915 HD features the new Active Recoil Channel that’s positioned near the front of the club. This allows the weight to be shifted and create a lower CG. The Active Recoil Channel promotes a higher ball speed across the face and lower spin to generate more distance.

Titleist 915 HD

The Titleist 915 HD also has an ultra thin face that flexes at impact and causes the ball to explode off the face with higher ball speeds that generate a longer shot. It also has a lower CG to promote stability and higher ball speed across the club to increase forgiveness.Titleist 915 HD