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Odyssey Tank 2-Ball Putter

Tank 2-Ball Putter

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Odyssey putters and their Tank’s Tour proven counterbalance continues to win putter model counts and Tour events around the world with performance that players rely on under pressure. All this success stems from the Tank putter’s stability weighting and a higher MOI for more stability and consistent control through impact.

The new Tank 2-Ball putter prominently features Odyssey’s counterbalance stability weighting technology that has been a runaway hit on Tour since the very first week it was introduced. The counterbalance weight, heavier head (400g) and heavier shaft (150g) quiet the hands during the stroke, which any player can appreciate. More MOI gives you more stability through impact, and engages the big muscles for a more pendulum stroke that keeps the wrists from breaking down.

One of the main reasons Odyssey was able to put in a greater level of stability is due to the total club MOI. Specifically:

  • 34” and 36” putters – total club MOI is 34% higher than a standard putter and a 19% increase in total club weight.
  • 38” and 40” putters – total club MOI is 109% higher than a standard putter and a 32% increase in total club weight.

And the numbers don’t lie with Odyssey’s 2-Ball head design - with a staggering 246 Tour wins, 16 major championships and over 5.5 million satisfied customers. That’s the legendary performance for Odyssey’s 2-Ball putters, and why they are easily spotted every week all over Tour. Odyssey, making perfect golf sense, has blended the 2-Ball design with their breakout Tank Putters.

The new Odyssey Tank 2-Ball putter is set to help you slay more demons and sink more putts and is backed by Odyssey’s exclusive promise made policy where if you find a defect within a two-year period, Odyssey will repair it or replace it. You can be sure that with the new Tank 2-Ball putter in play your game will be loaded the latest in Odyssey’s long history of game-changing innovations.