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TaylorMade Spider Mallet Center Shaft Putter

Spider Mallet Center Shaft Putter

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The enthusiasm on tour over TaylorMade's Daddy Long Legs and Spider Blade have made the creation of the third installment in TaylorMade's counterbalance putter - the Spider Mallet. This putter is perfect for players who want the benefit of counterbalancing with a beautifully shaped mallet-style head. 

Available in two lengths, 38-inch and 35-inch, the idea is to grip the club as you would a normal-length putter, with two or three inches of the butt-end of the grip extended above your hands, which gives you the maximum benefit of counterbalancing. Thus, if you normally play a 35-inch putter you should opt for the 38-inch; if you play a 33-inch putter should use the 35-inch. Players who normally putt with a 34-inch should experiment with both at your local shop to see which fits and feels best. 


  • Tremendously high MOI in a beautifully shaped mallet-style head—3874—for outstanding twist-resistance and distance-control on off-center hits
  • 130-gram grip counterbalances head-weight to help you swing the head smoothly and on path
  • Counter-balanced Spider Mallet is 50% more stable based on overall club MOI values than a traditional putter
  • PureRoll Surlyn insert promotes soft-yet-solid feel and smooth roll straight off the face
  • White leading edge and linear alignment aid in the cavity make aiming easy
  • Single bend shaft


  • Type: High MOI Mallet
  • Material: Multi-Material
  • Toe Hang: Face Balanced
  • Offset: 1/2 Shaft
  • Head Weight: 360g
  • Loft: 3°
  • Lie: 70°