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Golf Around The World Slice Eliminator

Golf Around The World Slice Eliminator

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Get rid of that golf slice or hook for good. The adjustable guide pads of the Slice Eliminator encourage a correct in-to-in golf swing path for straight shots, and give immediate feedback on an out-to-in and inside out swing path. A simple, yet effective training aid that should be brought to the range whenever you're hitting bananas.

One advantage of the Slice Eliminator is the weighted base. The sand weighted base is about 6 lbs. which means the unit may be used indoors or outdoors and does not need to be staked down. Another feature is the ability to rotate the neck of the product so that the T-bar may be angled. This allows additional versatility if the player wants to work on attack angle or even place the unit behind his or her leg to monitor lateral sway.

The Slice Eliminator comes with printed instructions and may be used right or left-handed. Assembles or disassembles in seconds.