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SkyCaddie SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer

SkyCaddie SkyPro Swing Analyzer

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SkyCaddie SkyPro Swing Analyzer

The SkyCaddie SkyPro Swing Analyzer is golf's most powerful training tool. For years golfers have searched for ways to develop a competitive golf swing. Now anyone can with SkyPro. The SkyPro Swing Analyzer attaches to any club. Once you swing the device will instantly send your data to the free SkyPro app on your iPhone or iPad where you will then have access to everything there is to know about your swing. Make every practice session much more valuable and with this new information available about your golf swing you can make better use of your time at the range by fixing the right problems. Not to mention having much more fun while you're at it!

See Your Swing The SkyPro device gives you thousands of critical data points about your swing path club head speed swing plane club face rotation shaft angles and much more instantly beamed to the SkyPro app on your smartphone/tablet. The app not only allows you to see your numbers it breaks your swing into a true 3D animation allowing you to view your swing from any angle. The true 3D can be used to view your swing in slow motion compare two swings and even zoom and rotate to get the best angle for the best analysis of your swing.

Groove Your Swing The SkyPro app has unique Groove and Practice Sessions to provide instant feedback on your successful swings and identify common faults immediately. In fact it focuses on swing checkpoints at address halfway back top of swing halfway down and impact so you can find out exactly where you went wrong. Challenging Groove Sessions include custom selectable goals and scoring to measure your progress allowing you to get the most out of your practice.

Improve Your Swing Repeating bad swings only encourages a bad swing. Now you can see flaws instantly so you don't groove your faults. Use tips and drills from Hank Haney and Michael Breed to make your practice time productive. SkyPro is like having your personal swing coach everywhere you go.

The SkyPro device uses Smart Calibration to for auto club detection and Anti-Rotational Stability to insure the device stays aligned at all times. The SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer is the perfect tool to help you know your swing see your swing and improve your swing.

More About the SkyCaddie SkyPro:

Powerful 3D Inertial Motion Sensors Capture Your Swing and Swing Data

True 3D Playback of Your Swing in Vivid High Definition

Have Fun and Improve with Groove and Practice Sessions

Share your Swings and Enjoy Cloud Storage

Multiple Swing Checkpoints provide immediate fault detection Challenging Groove Sessions include custom selectable goals and scoring to measure your progress. Fun easy drills to work on your swing tempo shaft lean and angles at address and impact backswing length Club head speed drills swing path angle of attack face rotation and much more


Made for iPhone 5 iPhone 4S iPhone 4 and iPod Touch (5th generation). iOS 6.0 or greater required.

Available USB port on computer or USB wall adapter (for charging)