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Polara Ultimate Straight XS Golf Balls (Illegal)

Ultimate Straight XS Golf Balls (Illegal)

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Featuring a soft ionomer cover material that generates higher spin for better stopping power on the green the 3-piece Ultimate Straight XS is Polara's high-performance golf ball. One layer beneath the cover is its boundary layer material called DuPont HPF that produces lower driver spin and longer distance. At its core is a soft resilient polybutadiene core for better feel. The shallow dimples lower lift and establish preferred spin axis the small dimples provide slice and hook correction and the deep dimples lower drag and enhance weight distribution.

To correct hooks and slices simply point the side stamp arrow at your target. (When the arrow doesn't point at your target it'll react like a regular ball.) To boost distance with your driver tee the ball up high and use a driver with a loft of 10.5 degrees or more. To bust your irons point the arrow toward your target. Polara says you'll gain up to 20 yards. For extra bite on the greens align the arrow so that it's perpendicular to your target.