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Ping Glide Wedge - Steel (Floor Model)

Ping Glide Wedge - Steel - 1


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Regularly $129.99

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Ping Men's Glide Wedge - Steel

Floor Model-  A club that has been hit in our indoor practice range or putting green.  The club has never been hit outside, and only has light surface scratches.  This club still carries a full factory warranty.

The new Ping Glide Wedge has been designed to replace the Gorge Wedge, Ping's last Tour Wedge.  The Glide wedge has a more rounded lead edge and a hydrophobic  Satin Chrome finish that allow the club to "glide" smothly through the turf and reduce the chance of mis-hit.  Ping also redesigned the grooves so that the higher lofted wedges have wider and sharper edged grooves to help generate spin on shots that don't require a full swing. In the lower lofted clubs, clubs that are more typically hit with a full swing, the grooves are more narrow to help provide more consistent spin.  

Glide Sole Comparison


  • Custom engineered from the hands down to ensure optimized grip, shaft, and head performance
  • Wide Sole (WS), Standard Sole (SS), and Thin Sole (TS) grinds provide spin consistency and versatility
  • CFS wedge shaft lowers launch for greater control, feel, and stability
  • Loft optimized Gorge Groove design ensures ideal performance on approach, pitch, and chip shots
  • 16° side wall with a more gradual radius in lofts 47° to 54° optimizes results on full shots
  • 24° side wall with a tighter radius in lofts 56° to 60° maximizes spin on shorter shots
  • Wide Sole (WS), Standard Sole (SS), and Thin Sole (TS) grinds provide spin consistency and versatility
  • Dylawedge grip is longer and features softer shaft tapering for more control when gripping down
  • 431 steel softens feel, while chrome plating dramatically improves performance in wet conditions
  • Thin, tapered hosel design glides through the sand better for improved performance