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Grassroots Par Three Putting Green 3' x 9'

Par Three Putting Green 3' x 9'

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Par Three Putting Green

The Par 3 Putting Green by Grassroots is one of the most attractive indoor golf putting greens on the market. At 3' x 9' the Par Three gives you more putting space than any other practice putting green available. The Grassroots Par Three Putting Green features include:

  • Polypropylene grass surface with non-skid foam backing simulates Bermuda Grass to give you an authentic feel of speed line and slope
  • 3 Putting Cups are 1/4 smaller than regulation size to sharpen aim
  • Lakes and Sandtraps catch missed shots
  • Slight incline develops firmness of stroke
  • Length allows up to 9' of putting area
  • Indoor/outdoor- rolls up easily for quick storage in reusable box
  • Practice Chipping like a pro when you chip onto the green from far or near

Here are some tips to make the most of your Par Three practice putting green:

  • Start out by hitting your putts at a ball marker and not the hole. Don't immediately try to make putts - simply roll the ball toward a ball marker you've put down about 2-4 feet away. Think about your putting stroke and centering the ball on the putter face. If you hit every putt solid your distance control and accuracy will be greatly improved.
  • Always practice making putts not missing them. Putt from no more than six feet out and preferably around four feet out. Even the pros make only about half their 6-footers. If you're practicing 15-footers you're only hurting your confidence and that's why most indoor practice putting greens are not 15 feet long.
  • Make sure you're putting on a flat part of the practice green instead of a big breaking putt. On a practice putting green you want to practice making putts. That means putting from a short distance - and on a flat part of the green so be sure that you're practice green is level. Short flat putts are the ones you have to make to improve.
  • Always end your practice session by making putts. Don't walk off the green on a miss. Force yourself to make five to ten putts in a row to end the session - even if you have to putt from one foot to do it. You can gradually increase the number of putts you have to make to end each practice session as you get better.
  • Visualize your putts going in the hole and stay positive. The mental game and having confidence plays a huge role in being a successful putter. As you stand over putts on the practice green visualize a trough leading from your putter to the cup and imagine hearing the sound of the ball dropping into the cup. You can also practice not looking up until you hear the ball drop in the cup.
  • Put down a chalk line to practice keeping your putter on-line. You can find a chalk line in a hardware store - it's that string carpenters snap to a surface to leave a chalk imprint. If you don't want to mark up your entire putting green this can even be a 1 foot line where you hit your putts from.
  • Practice keeping your putter on line and hitting the sweet spot every time when putting on your indoor putting green. Think very carefully about every stroke and putt you hit don't practice recklessly or it will follow you to the course. Use an alignment tool (a couple of rulers for instance) or putting aids you can buy to affix to your putter's head that will help with centering the stroke.
  • Use other putting aids. These can be very effective when used in combination with our practice putting greens and you can improve your putting stroke ten-fold without ever going outside.