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Odyssey Versa 90 2-Ball Super Stroke Putter

Versa 90 2-Ball Super Stroke Putter

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This extended mallet Versa 2-Ball Putter has a two-tone high contrast design that makes for easy alignment on the green. Adding the SuperStroke Slim 3.0 grip facilitates a smooth pendulum stroke with increased stability. An accentuated face angle aids in proper alignment on the green. Finally, the White Hot insert in the Odyssey Men's Versa 90 White Hot 2-Ball Putter means the sound, feel and performance are as consistent as easy alignment.


  • Extended mallet head 2-Ball Putter inspires confidence at address on any green
  • Includes SuperStroke Slim 3.0 grip - enlarged grip with enhanced feel and tackiness provides golfers with stability and a smooth, straight back and through stroke to reach the pin
  • Accentuated face angle at address - high contrast alignment from address to impact
  • Highlights face angle throughout stroke allowing eyes to key in on black and white linear design
  • Improved feel and performance with the White Hot insert
  • Consistent sound, feel, and performance across the golf ball-striking surface
  • Laser milling process allows for extremely tight tolerances for better performance
  • Double-bend shaft and full-shaft offset