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Odyssey Versa 330M Putter

Versa 330M Putter

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The new Versa line of putters offers Odyssey’s latest breakthrough innovation, Visionary High Contrast Alignment. The black and white contrast accentuates the face angle at address, through the stroke and at impact, improving concentration and allowing you to align your putter more accurately to the target. In addition to offering this innovative alignment technology in their mallet and progressive style putters, this technology has been applied to Odyssey's blade style putters, providing a functional alignment aide to a traditional style putter.

Coupled with a new and improved White Hot insert, the new Versa line by Odyssey provides options for every player type. Either of the new Versa putters, in either black-white-black or white-black-white will have you playing and putting with Odyssey's latest, most visually contrasting performance putters to date and sure to improve your game.


  • High contrast alignment highlights the proper face angle from address to impact for alignment throughout your putting stroke.
  • High contrast alignment allows your eyes to key in on linear designs on the putter and highlights the face angle throughout your putting stroke and at impact.
  • New and improved White Hot insert is highly engineered for more consistent sound, feel and performance across the striking surface. Odyssey's new laser milling cutting process allows them to achieve extremely tight tolerances better matching the insert shape to the head shape for more consistency and better performance.
  • The Versa line offers Odyssey's innovative alignment technology in a variety of Tour Proven Head shapes. From progressive style putters, to mallet and traditional blade style putters, Versa offers a functional alignment aide for all player types.