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Momentus Men's Indoor Iron Weighted Golf Club RH Swing Trainer

Men's Indoor Iron Weighted Golf Club RH Swing Trainer

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Start hitting your shots consistently down your target line and develop a repeatable swing!

The Momentus Swing Trainer's evenly weighted shaft forces you to swing the club back and through along a balanced and consistent swing plane.

The added weight ingrains the feel and muscle memory for swinging the golf club properly, so the same swing is easily duplicated with a standard golf club resulting in straighter and more consistent golf shots.

Eliminate the worry that comes from swinging a golf club inside the house. The ceiling is safe and out of reach with this club. The INDOOR is ideal for use where there is a limited amount of space. It measures 5 inches shorter than the MEN'S model, but still weighs 40 ounces. It's great to use on rainy days or in the winter when practicing outside is prohibited. It's perfect for developing greater flexibility, strength and clubhead speed.

Men's Indoor Iron- 30", 40 oz