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Callaway Hex Hot Yellow Golf Balls

Hex Hot Yellow Golf Balls

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Callaway HEX Hot Yellow Golf Balls The Callaway HEX Hot Yellow Golf Ball provides the perfect solution for golfers who want to fire up their distance with scorching hot ball speeds. The HEX Hot features a three-piece construction with a tri-blend ionomer cover that's built for speed and designed to absolutely fly off the clubface. The re-engineered HEX aerodynamics increase lift at low speeds for additional distance while maintaining its proven, penetrating ball flight to hold its line in the wind. Trionomer Cover This unique cover blend of three ionomers maximizes ball speed for every club in the bag. It also promotes low driver spin for longer, straighter drives. Fast Tech Mantle Its mantle is designed to allow the golf ball to jump off the club face and convert its energy into more distance. It is highly resilient and built to be the perfect intermediate layer between the high technology core and the resilient trionomer cover. New HEX Aerodynamics Callaway's proprietary surface pattern has been re-engineered to produce even better low-speed lift for more distance while maintaining the stable, penetrating ball flight that's been a trademark of HEX aerodynamics