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ProActive Green Duck ButtHead Cover Golf Animal Headcover

Green Duck ButtHead Cover Golf Animal Headcover

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Butthead Covers- Turning Golf Upside Down!

We've just added the award winning ButtHead headcovers to our line. They were recognized at last year's 2005 PGA Golf Show as the # 1 new golf accessory of the year. Excellent quality and sure to get a laugh. Your favorite animal will keep diving into your bag to pull out only the good shots!

The headcover's beautiful body is covered and made of durable materials.

The legs have embedded PVC coated wiring for fun and flexible positioning.

All materials are non toxic and flame retardant. Double stitching with top quality thread ensures product strength for a long life.

The lining and padding provide head protection. Durable inner elastic secures a tight fit over the neck so that the cover will not fall off in the fairway or end up in the garage.

It fits all clubs from your 460cc driver on down to your fairway woods.

The matching sock, made of yarn materials, provides maximum protection to the graphite metal golf club shaft. This product is surface washable with a damp cloth.