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Golf Around The World Fun-Swings Golf Kit

Fun-Swings Golf Kit

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" Whenever and wherever you want to learn the game of golf fine tune your swings or have fun with your family the innovative Fun-Swings golf kit and accompanying iPhone App is ready to help! MACPIC (Measure-Analyze-Correct-Practice-Improve-Cycle) with Fun-Swings Using Fun-Swings for training starts with using the kit to measure your performances and then analyze your swings. Based on the results you can modify your swing to improve your performance. The whole Measure-Analyze-Correct-Practice-Improve-Cycle can be completed in teh comfort and convenience of your own home. Imagine how quickly you can improve your game! Spend quality time fun time with your family and friends. Teach your kids the game of golf and guide them into the fascinating world of observation stat tracking and decision making. Compete with Fun Swings: You and your golfing buddies can now compete with Fun-Swings - not just on the golf course. Take turns swinging a chosen club record the measurements and compete on accuracy and consistency by looking at the probabilities speed or distance. In your Fun-Swings golf kit you will find:

A Fun-Swings target panel

A Fun-Swings launch mat.

6 Fun-Swings indoor golf balls.

10 Fun-Swings tees

1 phone clip for your iPhone to mount to a tripod.

A nice bag to keep all the above items for easy transport.

Whether its a rainy day a break at the office or you just want to get some practice in during the evening the Fun-Swings kit with iPhone app will keep you highly entertained while improving your golf swing. May be used by all ages right or left-handed. "