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FootJoy Men's Blemished Glove

FootJoy Blemished Golf Glove

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FootJoy Cosmetic Blemish Golf Glove

FJ blem golf gloves present an amazing value and only come around every so often.  With FootJoy blem gloves you will get either a StaSof, Sciflex, SofJoy, or some other FJ leather golf glove.  It will not be a synthetic glove, you will get either an all leather glove or one that is almost all leather.   These FootJoy gloves will have only cosmetic blemishes, the structural integrity and feel of them remains as you would always expect from a FJ glove.  FootJoy has a very rigorous inspection of their product and these glove may not have passed because the logo was not sewn quite right or the stitching is just a little off.  The sizing is still the same and they will fit just as you'd expect.  There are two small XX's stamped on the tab of the glove which denotes them as cosmetic blemished gloves.