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Golf Around The World Figure 8 Strap

Figure 8 Strap

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An elastic strap shaped like a figure 8 that is one of the simplest yet most effective learning tools ever developed to teach a connected torso controlled swing. Simply slip the Figure 8 Strap over your arms above the elbows and you will immediately feel a connectedness of arms and body. When you swing the club the left arm will feel like it is leading the downswing while the right elbow is being pulled in toward your swing center. By keeping the elbows together the Figure 8 Strap encourages good timing or proper sequential motion while helping to prevent over swinging and excessive looseness. These actions tend to help eliminate unwanted casting of the hands while encouraging a strong "big muscle" controlled swing. Practicing at home or hitting balls at the range the Figure 8 Strap will quickly and easily help you to build a solid swinging motion.

The Figure 8 Strap is available in 2 sizes: Standard and Extra Large As a general guideline if you are under 200 lbs. order a standard over 200 lbs. order extra large.