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TaylorMade Daddy Long Legs Putter

Daddy Long Legs Putter

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The Daddy Long Legs putter has an outstanding MOI which promotes stability throughtout the putting stroke.The putter is built from 16 different pieces resulting in an exceptionally twist-resistant putter head that helps you roll the ball your desired distance on your desired line even on mis-hits.

The 130 gram grip counterbalances the weight of the club head for even more control. Counterbalancing increases the MOI of the entire club making Daddy Long Legs 60% more stable than a traditional putter. The Daddy Long Legs Putter makes it virtually effortless while trying to keep the putting stroke on a straight line toward the target.

Highest MOI head--over 8500--of any TaylorMade putter ever for tremendous twist-resistance and distance-control on off-center hits.

130-gram grip counterbalances head-weight to help you swing the head smoothly and on path.

Counter-balanced Daddy Long Legs is 60% more stable based on overall club MOI values than a traditional putter.

PureRoll Surlyn insert promotes soft-yet-solid feel and smooth roll straight of the face.

White leading edge and single simple black alignment line make aiming easy.