Adidas Ultimate Shorts Review

Adidas Ultimate Shorts Review

Let’s be honest, Adidas has stepped up its game in the golf apparel industry with the Adidas Ultimate Shorts leading the way.  Introduced in late 2015 / early 2016 the Adidas Ultimate Golf Short line has taken the golf apparel industry by storm so we decided to give you an in-depth Adidas Ultimate Shorts Review.  We know what you’re thinking, how much technology can be in a golf short as opposed to a golf driver, golf ball, or any other piece of golf equipment.  Well we challenge you to read on and actually see why the Adidas line of Ultimate Golf Shorts has out-sold other golf shorts by as much as 10 to 1 in the last year or so.

Adidas Ultimate Shorts Review Stretch

So to start off, let’s talk about the technology and features contained in the ultimate shorts. The first and one of the favorite features for most golfers is the stretch waistband that not only creates more comfort when we have that much needed large breakfast before an outing or important golf tournament but it also makes them last longer especially if you happen to fluctuate with your waist size a bit more than you’d like.  With an 88% polyester / 12% Elastane fabric the Ultimate Shorts give you a full range of motion and plenty of stretch for all type of golf swings.

Adidas Ultimate Shorts Review Grip

The silicone waistband with the classic Adidas logo also helps to keep your shirt tucked in the entire round.  Having your favorite golf shirt come un-tucked can be as annoying as your shoe laces coming untied.  On a separate subject thank goodness for BOA Golf Shoes solving a separate but similar problem.  But the Ultimate short waistband also helps for not only increased comfort but mobility as well and once you wear your first pair you’ll know what exactly we’re talking about, the difference will be that obvious.

Adidas Ultimate Shorts Review Breathable

The next biggest feature is the breathable fabric that is not only lightweight but helps keep you dry and prevents sweat much more than most traditional golf shorts.  The fabric is also moisture-wicking and water resistant which is just one extra feature that most traditional golf shorts fall short on so if you do get caught in bad weather the Adidas Ultimate Shorts will help keep you comfortable.

Adidas Ultimate Shorts Review Water Resistant

Not only are they one of the most comfortable golf shorts you’ll ever wear but Adidas also provides you with an amazing lineup of incredible colors, sizes, and styles.  They’re not only offered in your most basic black pair of golf shorts, or in grey or khaki but there are over a dozen colors to choose from just in the solid short alone.

Adidas Ultimate Shorts Review

After the basic Adidas Ultimate Solid Short, they also offer the below options that provide all types of fashion opportunities for an Adidas Golf Short.

Adidas Ultimate Golf Short Types:

In 2017, Adidas launched the Ultimate 365 3-Stripes Short line that also has a multiple of styles and options including the Ultimate 365 Gradient Stripe Shorts.  The Ultimate 3-Stripe Golf Shorts have a slightly thicker material aren’t quite as lightweight as the original Ultimate short but they still feature all of the same amazing technology as the original.  They also showcase the classic 3 stripe brand mark on the of the shorts for added branding and style.

Adidas Ultimate Shorts Review - Ultimate 365 3 Stripes Shorts

So as you can see Adidas offers a multitude of options for Adidas Ultimate Golf Shorts in more colors, patterns, and sizes than any golfer could possibly need.  Not to mention Adidas is always eliminating colors and coming out with new colors so you have the luxury of both; always having new colorways but also getting the previous season’s styles or colors at almost half the price.

So in our Adidas Ultimate Shorts Review we’ve found that no matter which color or style you want, Adidas has you covered so you can create your perfect summer golf outfit while still enjoying the amazing comfort, quality, and durability of the Adidas Ultimate Golf Short.  The best part is that whether you decide to go with their Ray Red solid short, or Ultimate Heather Grey Short, Adidas has everything you need to create your most stylish outfit on or off the golf course.  We highly suggest that if you haven’t purchased or worn a pair of Ultimate shorts that you buy a pair today and experience first-hand why Adidas’s Ultimate Short line has taken the entire golf industry by storm.

What Is The Difference Between a Draw and Fade?

What Is The Difference Between a Draw and Fade?

If you have played a decent amount of golf and you’ve heard other golfers talk about a draw or a fade you may be wondering what is the difference between a draw and fade.  We will get into each in more detail as well as tips to help you create a draw or a fade but let’s first differentiate between draws and fades vs. hooks and slices.  The main difference is that when most golfers work the trajectory of their golf ball, whether it be a drive off the tee, an iron shot, or even a punch shot around a tree out of the woods, is the extremity of the shot.  A hook or slice is a more extreme version of a draw or fade.  In most cases a draw or fade is a controlled, intentional shot whereas a hook or slice is more extreme and usually comes unintentionally from an errant swing that causes a miss that most of us dread.

So first off let’s get the basics out of the way.  A hook or a draw is a golf shot that goes from right to left, whereas a fade or slice is a shot that goes from left to right.  This applies to right-handed golfers, if you’re a left-handed golfer please reverse all techniques within this article.  Slices which are one of the common problems that golfers face is a shot that can hit those white out-of-bounds stake at the far right of the fairway.  There are many things that can be said about correcting a slice but that’s an entirely new topic.

So What Exactly is a Fade?

Let’s start with hitting a fade, what it means, and how exactly to hit a fade.  A fade is a golf shot that travels slightly from left to right.  In almost all cases a fade is the best shot to control, not only with a driver but more importantly with an iron shot.  Why you ask? It’s because a fade typically has a higher trajectory than a draw or hook and if you’re hitting one of your irons from the fairway that needs to have enough backspin to stop quickly on the green a fade is a much better shot trajectory.  There are a lot of PGA Tour Professionals that swear by the 5 yard fade. The 5 yard fade can be incredibly powerful and can truly help you dial in your game especially on your long to mid-iron shots towards the green.

Difference Between a Draw and Fade

Have you ever heard the saying, “You can talk to a fade or slice but you can’t talk to a draw or hook?”  That basically means that when you hit a fade or slice it has a much higher trajectory and stays in the air longer than hook would.  So when you’re yelling at your ball to stop going right you have a lot more time, where as a snap hook would already be on the ground and rolling rigorously to the left.  Again the point is a fade can often give you more control and it can be easier for the majority of golfers to control a 5 yard fade as opposed to a draw that only draws 5 yards.

So how do you hit the perfect 5 yard fade?

There are several techniques you can use to make this happen but it’s important to not only practice it on the driving range first but to also test each different technique before applying it on the golf course so you know what to expect.  One of the easiest ways to hit a fade, is to open your stance at setup.  This creates a swing path that is only slightly more outside-in.  The key is to make sure you test your swing to the point so you know exactly what adjustments you need to make to your stance that will ultimately affect your final shot trajectory.

Difference Between a Draw and Fade

Another technique or swing thought you can use to help create a fade is holding through impact.  If you’re wondering exactly what that means, let’s explain it further.  Throughout your golf swing when your swinging through impact your wrists break naturally and the golf club goes from an open position to a closed position after impact.  If you can control your wrists so that you do not let your wrists close as quickly through impact it can also help you create that perfect fade that you are trying to hit.  You can see in the image above how the golfer is trying to delay his wrists from breaking through impact.  Again this is a technique or swing thought that takes practice and testing to perfect, if you overdo it, your shot can turn into a straight push to the right or a larger fade or slice than you are looking for.

What is a Draw and How Do You Hit a Draw?

A draw golf shot travels from right to left, a draw is controlled and typically an intentional shot.  In most cases a draw, especially with a driver, can create more distance as draws usually have less backspin and will fly with a lower trajectory and roll out longer than a fade or slice would.  There are some PGA Tour professionals that swear by hitting a small draw off the to create more distance, and even though that may be the case, they also know how to hit fade when needed.

Difference Between a Draw and Fade

So how exactly do we hit a draw?  Obviously there are many ways between certain swing techniques and swing thoughts but we’ll share the most obvious right now.  The first and easiest is the opposite of hitting a fade.  At setup slightly close your stance, this will help create an inside-out swing.  You can see in the image below where the yellow lines are pointing to the target and red line shows a closed stance.  Along with that, make sure to keep your grip loose so that through impact you release the club easily and quickly which will help the face go from open to close through impact.  A controlled draw compared to a controlled fade can sometimes be a harder shot to hit.  It certainly pertains on each golfer’s individual swing but with practice and testing on the driving range you can learn each movement and commit them to memory or muscle memory so when it comes time hit that particular shot on the course you have already mastered it.

Difference Between a Draw and Fade

The next and relatively easy way to hit a draw is by slightly adjusting your grip.  To hit a draw you will want a strong grip, which basically means that you’ll see more of the top of your left-hand and less of the top of your right hand.  This helps you to hit rotate the club-head through impact a bit quicker and hit that draw that you’re striving to hit.  See the image below for an example of a stronger grip.

Difference Between a Draw and Fade

Hopefully after applying some of these easy tips you’ll be able to not only know the difference between a draw vs. fade but take this advice and apply it to your actual golf game.  Learning and practicing some of these techniques can make a huge difference in your golf game, especially for those amateurs that are right around the point of consistently breaking 80.  Not only can you apply these shots to hitting drives around doglegs or hitting out of the trees but you can also use them when you need to hit greens in specific regions, carry or avoid bunkers, etc.  The uses for learning to a hit a draw vs. fade are infinite and I’m sure you can all think of situations when you said to yourself I wish I could that shot in this situation.  Well now you not only know the difference between a draw and a fade, but have a few excellent techniques and swing thoughts to try, test, and practice until you’ve perfected them enough to where you feel comfortable applying them on the golf course or in tournament play.

Playing College Golf

Playing College Golf

If you’re deciding whether or not you should pursue playing college golf or if you’re the parent of someone who is contemplating playing college golf please read on.  I have personally played college golf and would like to share some of my experiences regarding playing golf in college and hopefully this article helps many others that are in high school and still deciding on a college or university and whether or not they should base their decision on playing or trying out for that school’s golf team.

What to Expect Playing College Golf

Playing on an NCAA college golf team was an incredibly rewarding experience in more ways than one.  I’d first like to say that playing golf or any other sport at the collegiate level has many rewards.  One of the first things that come to mind is the life-long friendships you can make with your teammates and fellow golfers on your team.  Many colleges or universities will also help pair you up with a roommate your freshmen year that is also playing on the school’s golf team, this is especially important for those that attend a college that isn’t near home and have no one else they know from their high school attending that college.  My freshmen roommate that I didn’t meet until the first day we moved into college also played college golf with me for the same 4 years I played and became my best friend in college.  He was even my best man in my wedding and we continue to keep in touch regularly to this day.  I bring this up first because this can be not only one of the best things about college golf but one of the best aspects of playing any sport whether in college or at any age for that matter.  Not to mention, golf is a sport that truly gives you the time necessary to build long-lasting friendships with your playing partners on the golf course.

Playing College Golf

So other than building great friendships, what else can you expect?  Depending on the golf program at a particular university or college, or the golf coach, I would say that in most programs you will have a pretty rigorous practice schedule.  That not only includes practicing on the course, putting green, or driving range when the weather permits, but also an intense indoor practice schedule in the winter that includes hitting balls indoors as well as working out at the gym, doing golf specific exercises, and maintaining golf fitness all-around. These golf-specific fitness programs typically begin at 6 a.m. in the off-season and can be very early in the morning before classes start.  All of which is nothing that should cause you in any way to shy way away from playing college golf, all of it is extremely rewarding, and if you truly want to take your game to the highest level of play professionally one day, I’d say that it’s incredibly advantageous to playing golf in a structured collegiate environment.

Do college golf teams travel a lot?  Yes, they do and yes you will miss some class and have some homework to make up on, possibly even meet with tutors, or evening study hall sessions…but it is worth it.  Going on college golf trips was one of the best parts about playing NCAA golf.  We traveled to so many cities and states from Ocean City, Maryland to Tampa, Florida, to the golf course near the U.S. Marine Corp base in Camp Legeune, North Carolina.  You will definitely get to see the country, new cultures, and meet plenty of new people while traveling from one tournament to the next.

Just wait, the best part is that you will get the privilege of playing some of the best and maybe even most prestigious golf courses in the country.  While in college I was able to have the honor of playing Oakmont Country Club, the #5 Ranked Golf Course in the country that has hosted the 2nd most major golf championships other than Augusta National.  Granted we didn’t play an official NCAA tournament at Oakmont but we did get play the course each year before heading to the NCAA National Championships only because of some amazing alumni connections.  Other notables include the very prestigious Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, New York, currently ranked in the Top 100 Golf Courses at #36.  Although not in the top 100 rankings, we also had the privilege of playing Old Memorial Golf Club in Tampa, Florida.  This private club includes many national members including Joe Namath and more and has been said to be one of the few private clubs that refused Michael Jordan himself membership unless he took the appropriate interviews and other steps needed to join the club.  At Old Memorial you can’t take a riding cart if you wanted to, they have a staff of caddies that carry your bag for you and give you amazing tips on club selection and reading putts.

All-in-all playing college golf was an extremely rewarding experience.  It definitely forces you to increase your playing level and your golf game, the competition not only in tournaments, but just among your own teammates can be intense.  NCAA golf teams only travel with 5 players so to make that top 5 roster spot you may sometimes have to qualify and compete against your own teammates at your home course to see who gets to travel to the next tournament.  If your next tournament happens to be playing at a top 100 golf course in the country you better believe it’ll push to be on the course, driving range, and practice putting green as often as possible.  You will learn much about the values of hard work, dedication, high-level competition, and taking a skill you’ve already tried to perfect to the next level.

How Good Do I have to be to Play Golf in College

If you’re considering playing college golf, whether on the men’s team or women’s team, you may be wondering exactly how good you have to be to make the team and what type of scores you’ll need to shoot to make the top 5 and travel with your team.  If you want to play in a Division 1 program on the men’s team you should expect to shoot in the high 60’s to high 70’s and for NCAA Division 3 colleges you’ll need to score in the range of high 60’s to low 80’s.  If you’re trying to play women’s NCAA college golf you’ll want to score in the low 70’s to low 90’s for Division 3 NCAA tournaments and shoot in the high 60’s to the low 80’s.  If you’re a senior in high school and are quite close to these scores many golfers can walk-on and still make the team even if you’re not quite there you’re freshmen year I’d recommend you just keep working on your golf game.  You can improve quite a bit from your freshmen year to your sophomore or junior year in college.  Just keep in touch with your golf coach and keep practicing so the next time tryouts come around you are ready.

What Can I Gain from Playing College Golf

Playing golf in college on an NCAA team can be extremely rewarding in many ways as we have already discussed.  However, one point I haven’t brought up yet is the fact that you are not only getting to have a great time, making new friends, and playing the sport you love most in an extremely competitive environment but you’re also getting an education that is and will be the most rewarding and important part of your college experience.

When I was being recruited by college coaches, the one coach that impressed me the most when I visited the school was the coach, and only golf coach, that spent the first hour of his recruiting pitch on how amazing the academic program is at that school.  We literally didn’t talk about golf once for the entire first hour; he spoke to my parents and me about how amazing the academic program was for my desired major.  At only 18 years of age, it didn’t impress me as much as it did my parents but I could tell at the time that was sort of the tipping scale for me.  As in golf and most sports, when it comes to college student-athletes, you are a student first and athlete second and all collegiate coaches take academics and GPA’s very seriously.  Coaches know that each golfer on their team may miss 10 days or more of class and that is taken into consideration when they’re recruiting so make sure you study hard for your SAT/ACT tests and keep your GPA up.  If a coach doesn’t feel you can handle the level of academics at a particular school they’re more likely to pass you up and move on to the next recruit.  So keep your GPA up in high school and take your SAT or ACT tests as often as you can to get the highest score possible.  You may even get an academic scholarship on top an athletic scholarship.

If you’ve already been recruited by several schools and each college’s golf program seems similar in the level of competition and success, etc. I highly recommend basing the rest of your decision on the interest in your particular major and how good of an academic program that school has for your particular major.  Playing golf professionally and making a great living at it is extremely hard and only a few succeed so by making sure you’re getting the best education possible at the same time is even more important.

How to Get a Golf Scholarship

Yes, a scholarship, free ride, or any type of financial help no matter what type of scholarship or grant, etc. definitely is an amazing selling point when choosing where you want to spend the next 4 years or more of your life and can be extremely important in your decision.  If you are looking to play at an NCAA Division 1 or Division 2 college or university you could be eligible for a college golf scholarship from that particular school.  Division 3 schools are not allowed by the NCAA to give out athletic scholarships; however in golf many D3 schools do have incredible golf programs as well as academic programs so don’t immediately rule them out.  Even though I played for a Division 3 golf program our team was in the top 25 in the country and we got to go the NCAA Final Championship each year and most of our fall and spring tournaments involved playing against D2 schools in which we often out-performed them and won.  Our 1-man my freshmen year finished 2nd overall in the NCAA Final Champions and went on to play in the Master’s Tournament twice as an amateur.  The level of competition isn’t nearly as different among divisions in golf as it is in other sports such as football or basketball.

There are also less college golf scholarships and money to be handed out for a golf team than some other sports.  According to the NCAA, golf is an equivalency sport and each student’s percentage of aid is divided by the true cost of tuition to determine the actual scholarship amount.  This also means for schools where tuition is more for out of state students than in-state students, your scholarship may be less.  Of course this only is applicable if you’re looking at a public university that has a different tuition rate based on what state or where you reside.

NCAA Division 1 men’s golf programs only get 4.5 full scholarships to hand out so in a lot of cases potential college golfers are given a half or partial scholarship depending on their level of play since teams can have anywhere from 8-12 players.  There are very few full ride college golf scholarships handed out to golfers, especially for men’s golf in college, however don’t take even a half or partial golf scholarship that a school provides lightly, especially with the cost of tuition and room and board in today’s day and age.  It’s also important to note that NCAA D1 schools are not required to hand out all 4.5 full scholarships so that may be a question you want to ask your coach ahead of time if you are looking for an athletic scholarship for golf.  With women’s collegiate golf there are a lot more full rides given, the NCAA allows up to 6 full scholarships so it is much more common for women to get a full college golf scholarship.

So unless you’re a true phenom in junior golf at the national level, which if you are, you probably won’t need to even read this, if you’re not, you’ll have to be proactive in order to find the right college to play NCAA golf.  You will want to create your own “golf resume” and make sure that you get it in the hands of as many collegiate golf coaches as possible.  This isn’t a sport that you can expect to sit back in high school and wait for college golf coaches to contact you.  Create your golf resume by listing any and all golf accomplishments through your junior and high school career.  This includes playing in your high school, district, regional, and state golf tournaments, any junior tournaments, or any regional or national junior golf leagues or tournaments.

An example of a regional golf league would be the NCJT (North Coast Junior Tour) in northeast Ohio. They host tournaments each week throughout the summer in a particular region; it used to be every Tuesday and Thursday at a different golf course. It’s highly encouraged to play in these types of leagues to gain competition experience and add to your golf resume while in high school.  Golfers from the NCJT include PGA Tour Players Jason Kokrak and Jason Dufner.

You can also play in national junior golf tournaments, such as the AJGA (American Junior Golf Association), and although it may be tougher to qualify for these tournaments I’d highly encourage you to look into them further.  The AJGA currently has more than 6500 junior members and over 300 AJGA alumni play on the PGA Tour and LPGA tour earning 600+ tour wins.  Some notable AJGA alumni include Tiger Woods, Sergio

Garcia, Rickie Fowler, Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson, Jordan Spieth, Bubba Watson, Matt Kuchar, Keegan Bradley, Davis Love III, and many more.  And just from the LPGA, golfers such as Paula Creamer, Katie Futcher, Julieta Granada, Inbee Park, and more are AJGA alumni.  Also 25 of the previous 30 NCAA D1 men’s champions and 23 of 30 D1 women’s champions are AJGA alumni.  So as you can see the AJGA is one of the best places to get noticed by a potential college coach or recruiter.

If you’re truly serious about playing college golf and you know this early on, even as a freshmen in high school, it’s never too early to start looking at schools.  You should make a broad list of potential schools anywhere from 25-50 schools, which you can continue to narrow down over your next two years of high school.  You can even start calling or emailing those college golf coaches so they begin to know who you are and continue to update them as your junior golf career excels.  You can even send them a video of your golf swing, which is highly recommended, as well as your junior tournament golf schedule so they can follow your progress.

By the time you’re in your late sophomore year or early junior year in high school you should have narrowed down your potential colleges or universities and have already made some unofficial visits to your top schools.  At this time you can continue to contact college golf coaches and ask them where you stand as a potential recruit, this interaction may also help you get to know each coach more, as well as each golf program, and narrow your search even down even further.  In your junior year of high school college coaches can start to contact you, D1 coaches can begin to call you July 1st before you start your Junior year and September 1st before your junior year D1 and D2 coaches can begin to send emails or letters to you.  Then by the time you are a senior you’re allowed to make 5 official college/university visits, talk through this with the coach because if it’s an official visit you may be entitled to some expense reimbursement and you only get five.  Then you can start to apply to each school, apply for financial aid at and eventually sign and commit to school.  Just remember that if you do get a golf athletic scholarship the university or college only has to guarantee it for one year, after that first year they can take it away or even increase it if you’re breaking course records left and right.  Take it seriously if you do get an offer.

In Conclusion: So Is Golf Truly Right for Me at the College Level

This is gut check time, whether you’re a freshmen or about to start your senior year of high school, if you truly want to play golf in college it’s time to take your maturity to the next level and truly improve upon your skills.  Otherwise forget about golf and get the best education possible, but if you do want to play an NCAA sport or receive any type of college golf scholarship you need to commit to it.  Go play in as many junior golf tournaments as you possible can, the competition only makes you play better under pressure.  Go to as many golf clinics as possible, see your local PGA teaching professionals for lessons, and if that’s not possible for financial reasons, ask your parents to drop you off at a golf course that has a driving range or field where you can bring you own shag bag and literally practice your golf game all day long.  That includes everything from your driver off the tee, to chip shots, bunker shots, and putting on the practice green.  Prove to your family, your high school golf coach, potential college golf coach, and most of all, yourself, that you’re putting your best effort possible into becoming the best golfer you can be and if you truly put in the time and effort you will find a place to play golf in college.

Author: Joe Zumpella is not only an avid golfer but has played in many junior tournaments, high school golf, as well as 4 years of golf at the collegiate level.  He has played at the high school state tournament in Ohio as well as the North Coast Junior Tour.  He is also currently the Director of E-Commerce at Golf Headquarters –


What Do Ping Dot Colors Mean?

What Do Ping Dot Colors Mean?

Ping has been the long-standing leader and a huge advocate of getting custom fit for your next set of golf clubs, especially with a new Ping iron set.  If you’re somewhat familiar with Ping irons you’ll notice each iron set has its own Ping Dot Color stamped on the hosel or cavity of the iron.  So what exactly do these Ping dot colors mean and how will they matter to me if I were to get custom fit for a new set of Ping irons?

Ping has a total of 12 dot colors and each one is different based on each golfer’s necessary lie angle of their irons as well as the shaft length.  Lie angles range from 3.75 degrees flat to 4.5 degrees upright in 0.75 degree increments.  Each set of irons is stamped with a dot color that signifies its lie angle and shaft length and while this doesn’t have anything to do with the specific iron set model, it only has to do with each model of irons that Ping brings to the market. So each specific set of Ping iron has 12 different dot colors.

From flat to upright the dot colors go in the following order with gold being the flattest lie angle at 3.75 degrees to brown, orange, purple, red, black, blue, yellow, green, white, silver, and maroon being the most upright at 4.5 degrees.  Please refer to the chart below for more exact specifications regarding each dot color’s lie and shaft length.  For decades Ping has deemed the black dot iron set at being the standard lie angle that most golfers fit into and if you purchased a Ping iron set off the rack from any golf retailer several years ago, in most cases it would’ve been a black dot iron set.

However, sometime between mid-2015 and 2017, after doing further research Ping has discovered that more golfers fit into a bit more of an upright lie angle and now blue dot or yellow dot iron sets have become the new Ping standard dot color, and are typically what more golf retailers keep in stock as opposed to only black dot Ping iron sets.  Keep in mind this does not mean that the lie angles have changed but it’s just that Ping has found that their blue or yellow dot lie angles fit more golfers’ swings than black dot iron sets.

Ping G Iron Set Yellow Dot

Getting custom fit for a set of irons requires several different factors, but for the sake of keeping things simple regarding Ping Iron Set Dot Colors, the main factors in getting fit correctly are your height, and more importantly the length of your wrist to the floor.  The other important factor is the lie angle of your iron set.  While some inexperienced golf custom fitters only measure the first two factors of your height and the length of your wrists to the floor, it is most important to measure your lie angle.

To accurately get custom fit into the correct lie angle, it’s best to actually hit several golf shots off of a lie board.  What does this involve?  It’s actually a fairly easy process, especially if you have a pretty consistent golf swing.  A certified custom fitter will put down a plastic lie board along with some impact tape on the bottom sole of your iron and ask you to take several swings.  You’ll end up the marking the impact tape on the bottom of the iron and your custom fitter will be able to adjust your Ping dot color accordingly, either more upright or more flat so that the sole of the club is striking the lie board and marking the impact tape exactly in the middle.

Ping Dot Color Lie Angle Board

On a side note, to get fit for your lie angle correctly, its important that the person fitting you puts the impact tape on the bottom of the club correctly, Ping provides this impact tape, and your custom fitter should know how to match up the appropriate lines on the impact tape with the grooves on the club face so you get an accurate reading. If the impact tape is put on recklessly you could get fit with an incorrect dot color.

Why is it important to hit real shots off of a lie board?  If you strike the lie board and mark the tape too far towards the toe of the sole, that will cause your iron to open as you strike the ball through the turf and causing a slice or push to the right.  And the opposite is the case when you mark the impact tape more towards the heel.  That will cause you to pull the golf ball to the left, causing an unwanted draw or hook.  Some fitters or golfers think that you can tell if your lie angle is correct by just looking at your setup, this would be referred to as a static fitting, whereas a dynamic fitting would be to truly measure your lie angle during impact and not your setup as the two are often quite different.  Most golfers typically strike the golf ball at a more upright lie angle through impact as opposed to if they were measured only at the setup position.

What happens if you’ve already purchased an expensive set of brand new Ping irons only to find out that you’ve been inaccurately custom fit?  Luckily, you do have a couple options, if you’re lie angle isn’t too far off, say less than 2-3 degrees you can go to your local golf store or golf club repair shop and with the use of a golf club bending machine your irons can be adjusted and bent to the correct lie angle.  If your shaft length is too long or short that can also be fixed quite easily as golf iron sets can be cut down or extended up to 2 inches.

Ping Dot Color Chart

The ideal Ping dot color will help you to make sure you get the correct lie angle and shaft length that is perfectly custom fit for your golf swing so that when you take your swing the sole of the iron is perfectly parallel to the ground creating true, crisp iron shots in the center of the clubface.  Getting fit by a certified Ping Custom Fitting Specialist and getting a new Ping iron set that truly fits your own unique golf swing ultimately generates straighter, longer, and more consistent ball striking in the center of the club face, which also aids in a more consistent trajectory leading to perfect distance control.  This is what Ping Golf is known for and is the exact reason that golfers, who play Ping iron sets, ONLY play Ping iron sets and just upgrade from time to time to the newest model.

Learn more about Ping Custom Fitting Here.

Cheap Golf Shoes

Cheap Golf Shoes

Everyone loves a great deal, it’s in our nature as we all live in an American democracy, and creating wealth has become inherent in our D.N.A. so no matter what we may be shopping for we all get bright-eyed when we see any type of amazing deal.  Golf shoes can be pricey if you want the newest and greatest, but if you’re fine with getting golf shoes that aren’t the latest and greatest, what do you do?  You go straight to Google and search for Cheap Golf Shoes.

Adidas Adipower Boost 2 Golf Shoes Q44661

Well we hope you find in your search because we have an amazing selection of cheap golf shoes.  However, sometimes people think the word cheap means you get what you pay for, at Golf Headquarters with our selection of clearance golf shoes that is not the case.  We search for the best deals and use our buying power to provide an awesome selection of inexpensive golf shoes at the cheapest price we can possibly offer.  We pride ourselves on our incredible variety of closeout or discontinued golf shoes so that you can keep more money in your bank account and still enjoy the game of golf, while taking care of your feet with the best golf footwear on the market.

We’ve all seen the commercials that promise, further drives each year, longer iron shots, or even the longest fairway wood on the market.  Each year, golf’s top brands go to their R & D (Research & Development) team, and say to them how can we as a company, design a golf club that creates more ball speed, swing-speed, and ultimately more distance.  Some also try to create golf clubs that not only go further, but straighter as well. We know you’ve seen the advertisements that talk about the highest MOI (Moment of Inertia) in a driver, iron, or any golf club, which truly does create longer and straighter golf shots on mis-hits, while actually creating a larger sweet-spot on the club face.  Does it add another 5, 10, or 20 yards to your drive because it’s a 2017 model as opposed to a 2016 model?  That may be true or not, but that’s another argument, the point is that technology in golf clubs, golf balls, or other equipment may make a difference in your game each year when you purchase the latest and greatest, but with golf shoes the story may paint a different picture.  Let’s dig in deeper.

So yes, new golf shoes come to the market every year and provide new technology for comfort, fit, stability, and durability.  The truth is for most golfers, and what you have to ask yourself is how much difference a current 2017 golf shoe style makes versus last year’s similar model golf shoe.  In most cases, for the large majority of golfers, it won’t lower your score, and that’s why we don’t fault you for searching for cheap golf shoes online.  In fact, we praise you for it because Golf Headquarters has the ability to provide you with the largest selection of cheap golf shoes.

FootJoy Freestyle Golf Shoes

We know that every golfer has a budget in life, and even if golf is one of your largest passions or only just a fun hobby in your life, it can never hurt to save up to 75% off on a pair of brand new golf shoes at the cheapest price possible.  Why not save some of your hard-earned money and either spend it in another aspect of your life, maybe another hobby, your family, or if you’re that passionate about golf you can use your savings from purchasing from our discount golf shoe selection to spend more time on the course, driving range, grab a lesson from a local PGA teaching professional, or upgrade your golf equipment or golf clubs instead.

As mentioned above, sometimes the word cheap has a negative connotation, as it could seem like you are only getting what you pay for, however in the golf shoe industry we urge you to think otherwise.  Cheap golf shoes aren’t poorly made; all of our closeout golf shoes on sale still carry each manufacturer’s waterproof warranty as well as their comfort guarantee.  The only true difference remains in the year that style hit the golf market and once anywhere from 9 months to 24 months go by, you can find that same golf shoe on sale at a heavily discounted price because each golf brand, whether it’s FootJoy, Adidas, or any other brand, they all want to continue to improve the line of golf shoes that they can offer their consumers.

New golf shoe models and colors come out each year.  Some better colors may remain at their current price longer, obviously the neutral colors, like white and black, tend to stay in each brand’s current line longer than say a flashier color like lime green, bright orange, or yellow, but eventually each golf company will discontinue an entire style golf shoe line and replace it with an entirely new golf shoe style.

FootJoy DNA 2.0 Golf Shoes on Sale

If you think about FootJoy’s upper echelon of golf shoes and have a great memory, it used to be Synr-G, then XPS-1, then came FootJoy DNA (DryJoys Next Advancement).  Often in cases when a golf shoe line has tremendous amount of success for a particular golf brand they will keep that model in their shoe lineup but change the cosmetic look of the shoe just as FootJoy did with FJ DNA 2.0 or FootJoy Hyperflex II Golf Shoes.  Adidas has done the same thing with many styles, think about the Adidas Adipower Boost 3 Golf Shoes or even Nike’s Tiger Woods – TW line of golf shoes that remains a premium golf shoe in their linup, however they denote the year of each style of Nike TW Golf Shoes so you, the customer can differentiate one year’s style, look, or added technology from one to the next. That’s when you take advantage of the savings on their previous season shoe styles.

Let’s face it that’s the nature of the golf industry and in fact it is the real nature of any apparel or shoe industry, whether it’s in the sport of golf, or in the overall fashion industry as a whole.  We’ve all seen last season’s apparel or shoes at prices up to 75-85% off, for the sole reason that it’s not current.  Every brand that creates any type of apparel or fashion item is always bringing a new look to the market, but guess what, in golf we’re lucky, golf shoes remain in style much longer than any other piece of apparel.  In other fashion or apparel industries styles can change every three months or every other season.  Again thankfully we’re talking about the golf shoe industry and that’s why Golf Headquarters is a huge advocate of making sure that we can not only give you an entire selection of the newest golf shoes or best golf shoes from all of golf’s best brands for the 2017 year, but we can also provide our customers who can’t pass up a deal with huge savings on inexpensive and cheap golf shoes while still providing them with a great golf shoe that helps them perform their best on the golf course.

Mastering the Golf Pitch Shot

Mastering the Golf Pitch Shot

There is a reason why some tour professionals lay up to 100-120 years instead of 10-60 yards.  They prefer a full swing wedge shot instead of a touchy half wedge shot.  The golf pitch shot or wedge shot that requires feel from anywhere from 10 or even 60 yards can be much more difficult than the typical 7 iron shot where you already know how far a full swing with a 7 iron goes.  So hopefully after reading this you’ll have a better understanding of how to hit pitch shoes and half-wedge shots.

One of the first things you should decide is what degree wedge you want to hit from each distance.  Some like to make it easy always use their sand wedge, whether it be 54-56 degrees at least they know the grind and bounce angle match the type of fairways or the golf course they’re playing on.  Others may use a lob wedge for much short distances however this is typically for more advanced players or only where you’re in a situation where don’t have much green to work with between where the green starts and the pin location is.  Otherwise for most golfers its much easier to dial in the distances of each pitch shot if you stick with the same degree wedge.

Golf Pitch Shot

So let’s say you decide its your 56 degree sand wedge you want to use for all pitch shots. You need to learn either on the course or on the driving range how far you hit a pitch shot with a 25% backswing, 50% backwing, 75% backswing, and 100% backswing.  For all of these length backswings you use the same acceleration through impact and the same follow through. The backswing length will solely help determine the distance of each wedge shot.  And please know this comes from a Dave Pelz teaching clinic and this information is also in more detail in his short game and putting bible books.

So with the backswing length if you learn your 25, 50, 75, and 100 percent back swing distances you’ll easily be able to begin to learn your pitch shot distances.  If your 25% golf pitch shot travels 20 yards, your 50% pitch shot goes 40 yards, and your 75% pitch shot goes 60 yards, you’ll not only master your golf pitch shot distance for 20, 40 and 60 yards, but with practice you’ll even learn the 30 and 50 yard pitch shots that are exactly in between.  If you use the same acceleration and follow through during impact, the only determining factor left is the backswing length, which determines ultimately how much time you actually have to accelerate through the ball.  So the longer your backswing the longer you have to accelerate through impact causing further distance pitch shots.  This half-wedge and pitch shot technique also prevents de-acceleration through impact which can be deadly in golf.  If you need to hit a shorter pitch shot, the key is to shorten your backswing and not slow down your downswing through impact.

Dave Pelz Golf Pitch Shot

If you’ve been lucky enough to ever been to one of Dave Pelz’s short game clinics you would have first hand knowledge about this pitch shot and half wedge technique.  Luckily, if you haven’t I just gave you the most important aspect I took from the clinic and have put to good use in practice and tournaments regarding wedge pitch shots.  If you’re a 5-20 handicapper, maybe you play in a weekly league, or are trying to win or improve your finish in your club championship these simple techniques (with some practice and testing) can greatly improve your game.

This distance wedge shot is especially important for those who play short public courses or belong to country clubs that have quite a bit of short Par 4’s.  If you can master the half to three-quarter wedge shots on Par 4’s that are only 300-380 yards you can truly improve your chances of making more birdies on the course.  Just do the math, say you have a 6000-6400 yard course, there maybe 8-10 Par 4 holes or more that you could have less than a 100 yard second shot.  With a good drive in the fairway, you could expect to have at least say 66% of those holes you could have a solid easy 5-6 birdie attempts with less than 10 foot putts if you learn to hit this easy pitch technique to master the distances of your wedge shots.  Let’s face it, on a good putting and wedge day you could turn that into 3-6 birdies.  Even if you’re just getting starting in golf, learning these wedge pitch shots can help you prevent missing greens with incorrect distances, hitting more greens, more pars, and even at least some chances at more birdies.

So the long and short of it is, these wedge shots are important to practice and master the best you can.  If you can take advantage of great drives with a great wedge shot it will definitely help lower your scores so take these golf tips seriously and make a change in your golf game by truly practicing, whether at the driving range or your short game practice area.  If you are seeing real improvement and want to take your game to the next level contact us at Golf Headquarters. We have plenty of putting aids, golf training aids, as well as expert fitters that help get you fit into the correct wedge degrees, grinds, bounce degrees, and more.  Know that you can trust in our expert customer service staff and custom fitters at Golf Headquarters!


The Sport of Golf

The Sport of Golf: How It Pertains to Business, Politics, and Life-long Friendships

Dating back over a century, businessmen, politicians, and many other professionals in all types of careers have used the sport of golf to conduct business, create new relationships or improve existing ones, forge new deals, spend time with family, or simply get to know another person.  In fact there are some people who only decide to learn the game of golf for this specific reason.  If it was possible it would be astonishing to add the amount of money and deals struck with the two or more CEO’s of companies who ended up striking some type of investment deal, merger, political agreement, or just a new friendship while on the golf course.

Sport of Golf Business Partners

Golf is the only sport where you have time to invest in building a relationship with your fellow competitors, or just your friends you happen to be playing with.  It’s also a sport where you can often get paired with a stranger and end up making a new friend for life, or at least another friend you can always count on to meet you at the first tee on a moments notice.

Sport of Golf Playing with Friends

Often known as the ‘Gentlemen’s Sport” golf has long been known as a “rich” person’s sport even though it’s more affordable now and hundreds of millions of people play golf everyday around the world regardless of income level.  With that said, the history of the game, all male golf country clubs, and the fact that in the old days, golf was primarily a sport that men played, it became a breeding ground for businessmen or salesmen to impress their playing partners who they were trying to sell their next big deal to.  It became not only a privilege, but a selling point for big corporations to make sure their top salesmen have memberships to prestigious country clubs for this reason alone. If you’ve watched any golf movies, watch the news, pop culture, etc. you’ll already know that this is the case.

Is it a good thing?  Well that’s up for you to decide, personally going out into nature into a beautifully manicured golf course and hitting the ball around, even if hitting into every hazard imaginable, is much better than doing business in an office, home, or even worse some random bar where the salesman is just trying to spend as much money on the other guy’s beverages until he closes the deal.  Actually never mind, that’s never ever happened before.  But in all seriousness, not only is golf a great sport, but it’s a great place to create new or improve existing relationships with friends, family, your children, and yes…even new potential business partners.

Playing the Sport of Golf with family

Golf is a sport that gives you plenty of time to socialize with everyone in your foursome or group.  There isn’t one other sport that allows you time to walk next to someone for 200 to 300 yards from your tee shot to your second shot, and actually talk to them and get to know them. Whether you ride or walk for an 18 hole round, if you spend 4-6 hours on the golf course with someone, you better believe when you’re done you’d have had plenty of time to talk to them and if you’re not making a business deal you’re at least making a new friend or continuing and re-enforcing an existing friendship.

Father and Son Playing Sport of Golf

Not to mention, if you truly want to find out the character of a person, whether you already know them or they’re a complete stranger, there is no other sport better than golf.  Golf is game where honor and honesty, pride and confidence, and being your own referee mean more than any other sport created.  This truly does help you get to know the true character of the golfers you’re playing with, we’ve all been there, whether it’s a foot wedge here, a lost ball that after 4 minutes suddenly gets found with a perfect lie and shot angle, the swing and a miss that was supposedly a practice swing, or the most common of all…when it suddenly gets too hard to count past the number 5, then 7’s become 6’s, 8’s become 7’s, etc.  In all other sports, whether it’s baseball, football, basketball, or hockey, there are officials that call the shots and regulate the rules of the sport, and in most cases professional athletes will argue with a referee or umpire’s call regardless of whether or not they know the truthful outcome of the play.  In golf it’s the opposite, golfers take it upon themselves to call their own penalty strokes.  This has happened even in professional PGA golf tournaments, even when golfers these days are watched by millions on television.  Although in today’s day and age, it would be hard for a PGA Tour Pro to violate one of the USGA rules of golf without anyone noticing but if you’ve played a good amount of golf in your life you’ve probably played with someone who has called a penalty on themselves.

It was interesting to see that’s President Donald Trump’s son Eric made the following comment regarding the President’s recent golf round(s) with foreign leaders or potential allies.  “You can sit with somebody in a golf cart where there might be cultural differences and language barriers and have a good time and build a friendship with somebody in a way you could never do sitting across an office table from someone,” ~Eric Trump.  Many Presidents and politicians have been accused of spending too much time golfing, going to political parties, or going to Camp David too often, and while we take no political stance, we do love golf and realize its potential to create relationships with others.  Not only is golf a great sport but you can use it as a means to socialize and learn more about your playing partners’ values, morals, and integrity. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s your friend, enemy, or your biggest golf rival.  You can learn an awful lot about playing even just 9 holes with another person.

Sport of Golf Business Deals

The level of detail from even watching a golfer as an innocent bystander can be invaluable as to the type of person they are in real life.  Golf is a sport with no umpire, referee, and unless you’re playing professional golf on the PGA Tour there is no television to record your every minute move on the golf course.  It is a sport with a long-time tradition of being a game of honor and integrity and that’s what makes it the greatest sport on the planet.  With that being said, it’s no wonder why the golf course makes for an amazing place to conduct business, negotiate important deals, and seal new contracts in your particular business.  The information you can gain about someone during the first 9 holes can help you to close the deal of your lifetime on the back 9.

So whether you’re in business, politics, or just truly want to meet new people and make new friends, get out on the golf course as soon as possible.  If you’re going to the course by yourself, don’t ask for a tee time to play 9 or 18 holes by yourself…agree to play with someone you’ve never met before.  You never know, if you don’t make a friend for life, you may at least make a golf friend for life that can challenge you to make you better and give you that drive we all need to improve our golf game.

Golf Headquarters

Best Golf Putting Drill

Best Golf Putting Drill

We all know there are a ton of Golf Putting Drills out there available to improve your putting and help you lower your scores.  Many PGA golf teaching professionals have a wide array of putting drills in their repertoire for their students to improve their putting stroke, however we must encourage you to continue reading because this one simple putting drill will help you lower your score and your handicap right away.

Golf is a difficult game and all aspects of the game take plenty of practice, some more than others, and some might lower your score quicker than others.  Hitting it long and straight off the tee with your driver, hitting that perfectly crisp iron shot on the green within 10 feet for birdie, hitting a shot out of a fairway or greenside bunker with a bad lie, hitting a shot out of the rough where you can barely see the top of the ball, learning and actually applying golf course management and deciding to punch out or take the risk of a low punch shot through the trees, or just managing your golf mental game in general throughout a round can all be equally difficult to master.  Those are things that can takes months, years, or even decades to perfect.

So if you want to lower your scores immediately please continue reading, this simple drill will not only improve your putting stroke, but lower your scores, confidence when standing over a putt, and overall fun level while on the course, with not as much time and effort as some of the other parts of the game.  While there are times when we curse this game of golf, say we’re going to quit, throw clubs out of anger, we have to remember it is a sport…yes it’s a sport and a very competitive one (we won’t call it a game). However, as in any competitive sport we all want to be the greatest we can be, continually improve our skills and ultimately get the happiness and joy out of golf.  Even if that doesn’t happen until we reach a personal goal, whether it be winning our first amateur tournament, breaking 80 or your own personal low score, winning in your local golf league, or even just getting some bragging rights in your own foursome of friends.  If you want to achieve that and more we hope you take this putting drill, put it to use on the practice green of your nearest golf course and see for yourself how much and how quickly of a difference you see in your score.

Alright, so what is this golf putting drill already, well to start for those of you who have a straight arc putting stroke, this putting drill is the holy grail of making putts between 3 and 10 feet.  If you don’t have a straight arc but maybe just a slight arc, this drill will still help you make more putts.  Maybe some have seen this before, maybe some golfers have not, but it’s so simple you can create your own putting aid, which we’ll explain later, or even recently this simple golf putting drill has become so popular you can even purchase it already pre-made.

Now onto the nitty gritty, this golf putting drill, has been called many things, the putting string drill, string aiming drill, putting drill with string, the list goes on.  If you don’t want to purchase the actual training aid itself, it’s super easy to make yourself.  My personal preference is using two old golf shafts and cutting them to around 8 – 10 inches tall, then take a nice 10 to 15 foot string in length and tie both ends of the string to the top of each golf shaft.  Some golf stores may even have old shafts you can have for free and cut yourself to your preferred length.  You can also use a couple mason jars to tie the string around.  You may need to put some rocks or something heavy inside them to weight them down.  You can have the string anywhere from 3 to 4 inches or 6 to 8 inches above the ground, as long as your putter and putting stroke can freely move underneath the string.

Golf String Putting Drill

This simple golf putting drill will change your golf game and the best part is you can figure out how to make the string putting drill yourself, either with a couple dowel rods and string, or even sticks from a tree and string.  You could even get creative and set up this drill indoors and practice with an indoor putting green only hitting 10 to 20 putts everyday and it’s a guarantee it’ll make a difference in your golf game and ultimately lower your score.  It’s not an expensive training aid that will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars or even a nickel since you can make one yourself.

Best Golf Putting Drill with String

Once you get to your favorite golf practice putting green pick a level putt that doesn’t break a lot, the straighter the putt the better in the beginning, and then pick your preferred distance putt you want to work on and put one shaft in the ground where you’ll be putting from and the other behind the hole. You may need to test a few putts in case there is break and just move the shaft behind the golf hole so that when you do start the putt exactly down the line of the string the ball will hit the center of the cup.  Once you get confident and can make 10 out of 10 five-foot putts, move back to seven or eight feet.  Set a goal to make 9-10 out of 10 putts from that range.  Once you achieve that goal move further back from the hole again.  That will give you the confidence every time you step up to a straight in 5-10 foot birdie or par putt.  From there you can start back at the 4-5 foot range with a putt that has more break and practice left to right putts, as well as right to left putts.  Even uphill vs. downhill putts so you learn that distance also plays a factor in putts that break and you’ll quickly the learn the skills to master the line and distance of shorter breaking putts.

The key is the perfect setup of this drill. If you set it up just right you have no idea how much this simple drill can improve your shorter birdie and par putts throughout your entire round.  In college golf, our entire golf team used to practice this not only during each practice but before each round.  If you use this putting drill and literally watch yourself make 49 of 50 six-foot putts in a row, you will not think twice about the possibility of even missing your first six-foot birdie putt on the course.  It’s not just the muscle-memory of your stroke, but the mental aspect of the game that means as much, if not more.  If you’re in a major amateur tournament, the club championship, or just playing with friends for bragging rights and you get to the last hole with a six-footer for a birdie and the win, do you think it will help that while practicing you just made 10 putts in a row, or 25 putts in row from six feet?  You better believe it will, you won’t envision anything other than hearing that golf ball hit the bottom of the cup. Missing a putt within 10 feet begins to seem out of the question for you.  So get to it and start practicing this drill with your new home-made golf putting aid.

The bottom line is if you want to truly improve your golf game, your score, lower your handicap, have more fun out there, compete more with your fellow friends in your foursome, or all of the above, then please take the advice in this post and at least try this golf putting drill.  The typical cliché in which I know many tour professionals would endorse is you “drive for show and putt for dough” so take your putting to the next level and use this simple, inexpensive, yet immensely useful golf putting drill to take your putting stroke and abilities to the next level.  Your putter will be come your new favorite club in your golf bag.  At Golf Headquarters our slogan is “Your Game Is Our Business” and we want to help you in any way to become the best golfer possible.  So we hope you continue to enjoy our blog, The Daily Three Putt, and shop at for all your golfing needs and golf equipment.

Best 5 Golf Swing Thoughts

Best 5 Golf Swing Thoughts

So for just an intro, if you’re avid golfer you know that all of us rotate from one golf swing thought to another swing thought until we either over do it or it just stops working.  If you’re not an avid golfer or don’t know the what a swing thought even is, it’s just a thought or idea you focus when taking your golf swing.  For beginners it can be as easy as keeping your eye on the golf ball for as long as you can.  For low handicappers we may even have 2-3 main golf swing thoughts throughout our swing.  There are often times though when playing my best, I don’t have any swing thoughts and just setup and make a golf swing.  Those are usually your best rounds, however if you have played golf before, you know that at any time the tides can change, your can play the best 9 holes of your life, and totally lose it and play the worst back 9 of your life.  That is the game of golf, why we sometimes hate it, but why we also love it.  It’s always that one best shot or round that keeps us coming back again.  So I’d like to reveal my Top 5 Best Swing Thoughts either on the driving range or golf course.

Swing Thought #1 – Keeping my back to target on my downswing.

So to explain, the key to hitting it not only straight but consistently in the middle of club face is to make sure that at impact your hips and upper body aren’t ahead of your arms and the golf club.  By doing this I make sure that I am more square at impact instead of too open which can create slices and those drives that go straight to the right towards those dreaded out-of-bounds white stakes.  This swing thought also creates lag during the down swing which also creates more distance.  Notice how Patrick Reed’s back is still to the target on the beginning of his downswing and his hips are still square.

Golf Swing Thought 1

Swing Thought #2 – Keep a loose grip during your swing in the transition from the backswing to downswing.

One of the most important things during a golf swing is tempo.  This swing thought definitely helps with tempo, when focusing on this thought is most important when you get to the top of your backswing and begin to start your downswing.  Often most golfers want to hit the ball further and further, so its an instinct to hold onto the club harder when you begin your downswing as you want to really to take a rip at the ball.  This ultimately causes your hips and shoulders to get ahead of your arms and the actual golf club.  So at impact your hips, chest, and shoulders are too open at impact creating another slice.  This swing thought ties in a bit to the first one and I’ve often tried to use them in combination with each other.  You can see the transition from the greatest ball striker ever, Ben Hogan, and although it’s hard to tell from a picture what his grip pressure was you can guarantee his grip pressure was perfect, and as you may have heard before your grip pressure should be like holding a bird, not too hard to hurt it, but just enough it doesn’t fly away.

Golf Swing Thought #2

Swing Thought #3 – Swinging to “Right Field”

So to start this applies to right-handed golfers, if you’re left-handed just reverse this swing thought.  So what does swinging to right-field mean?  It’s a play on baseball, many golfers played baseball when they were young and transitioned to golf as they got older.  If you’ve played or watched baseball you know where right-field is, so as a right-handed golfer I’ll often try to swing my club from the inside-out towards right-field picturing a baseball outfield.  One of the most common mistakes amateur golfers make is taking their downswing from the outside-in instead of from the inside out.  Also known as swinging over-the-top, this swing path often creates…yes once again, the dreaded slice. Again all of these swing thoughts can be somewhat combined or rotated.  They all help create great timing and tempo during your swing, which is the key to hitting it longer and straighter.  While President Donald Trump isn’t a PGA Tour Professional you can see in his swing how he forces the club head “inside-out” and towards right-field through impact.

Donald Trump Golf Swing Thought #3

Swing Thought #4 – Dragging the club back low and slow…and straight

This is great for every swing but especially great off the tee with your driver.  If you think of taking the club back low and slow it also helps you bring it back straight as well.  This is an amazing swing thought for beginner golfers as well as scratch golfers and amateurs.  It helps in so many ways and I will explain.  The “Low” part helps you from breaking your wrists to early during your backswing.  While some golfers can make that swing type work, most do not, taking it back low helps your wrists load closer to the top of the backswing, you get your weight back into the right position, as well as helping to create the lag between your hands and the clubhead, which is necessary to truly hit it as far as you possibly can.  Below you can see how Rickie Fowler takes the club back low and slow and in one piece.

Rickie Fowler Takeaway Golf Swing Thought #4

Swing Thought #5 – Putting – Keep your head down until you hear the ball fall to the bottom of the cup

Putting is one of the most important parts of the game of golf so one of my top 5 swing thoughts had to be about putting.  This is definitely not one of my originals as many teaching professionals around the world have said this to their students before, however I believe it truly makes a difference for all golfers from beginner to pro.  The idea of this swing or putting thought throughout your putting stroke is to make sure you’re completely focused on truly watching your putter hit the golf ball during your putting stroke.  Why is this important?  Well, lining up a putt is an entirely new topic, but other than lining up your putt, the equally important factor is focusing only on the distance you have to hit your putt.  And to that point a putt that you hit in the center of your putter will roll further and straighter than one thats hit off the toe or heel of your putter.  Yes, putters have even increased their MOI and mis-hits during your putting stroke may not come out as bad as they used to with older blade style putters, however we all want to go low and make more putts.  So this is truly one swing tip that will instantly improve your score and isn’t that hard to adapt to.  Obviously, if you haven’t heard the ball hit the bottom of the cup after 3-5 seconds or so, you missed…but you know you made more of an attempt at that perfect putting stroke we all dream of.  See below how Rory keeps his head down even after the golf ball leaves his putter.

Rory McIlroy Putting Golf Swing Thought

Hopefully you enjoyed these Top 5 Swing Tips / Thoughts that can help you lower your scores.  If you practice them on the range as well as the course you may find that at least a few of them truly help you reach your goal as a golfer, whether it’s breaking par, breaking 80, or even breaking 90.  Just remember practice makes perfect and if you can apply some of these golf tips to your game, you just might have a few more bragging rights during your next golf league or your regular foursome.  There are also some fantastic golf training aids that can help you improve upon these swing thoughts or any part of your game.

And lastly, if all else fails visit a local golf professional for a lesson…OR stop by Golf Headquarters and let us custom fit you into a new set of clubs by a certified fitting specialist.  If shopping online on we can also help fit you as best as possible over the phone.  Sometimes even just looking down at a different driver or a new set of irons instills just enough confidence to make a huge difference.

Golf Shoe Buying Guide

Golf Shoe Buying Guide

When it’s time for a new pair of golf shoes we’ve all experienced the overwhelming and extremely large selection of golf shoe styles and price ranges from the ever increasing amount of golf shoe brands.  The list begins with FootJoy, Adidas, Nike, Under Armour, Callaway, Skechers, Ecco, Puma, and many more. So how do you choose? There are a few things to take into consideration and we think this Golf Shoe Buying Guide will help you find your perfect pair of golf shoes.

Shoe Style, Color, and Look

The style is 100% personal preference. Many of you might notice that even the guys on the PGA Tour wear anything from an athletic shoe style to more of a dress shoe style or a traditional saddle shoe. Try thinking about what you normally wear on the golf course and then decide which style might look best for you.  If you play mostly public courses where proper attire, such as a collared shirt, isn’t required you may find that an athletic style shoe works best.  Or if you belong to a country club you may prefer a more traditionally saddle shoes, such as the 2017 FootJoy DryJoys Tour Golf Shoes or even the FJ Icon Black premium golf shoes.

Black FootJoy DryJoys Tour Golf Shoes

The style of golf shoes has changed drastically over the last 10 years, you can find the most colorful shoes for men or women, a decade ago it was only neutral colors and a traditional golf shoe look.  Luckily, that isn’t the case any more, Nike has taken the approach of matching their golf shoe style to their running shoes style and you can notice the branding is the same across all shoes for all the sports they make shoes for.  Adidas is the same way with their Boost Golf Shoes, they brought their boost technology from running and football cleats to golf a couple years ago and it has been a huge success.  And last but not least FootJoy, the #1 Shoe in Golf, has also kept up with the times and has many styles such as Foot Joy Hyperflex golf shoes, and FootJoy Freestyle shoes that are very colorful and stylish.

 FootJoy Hyperflex II Golf Shoes


Some people aren’t concerned with a waterproof warranty because they “never play in the rain”. That is true for most but how many golfers play in the early mornings before the dew evaporates? This should be taken into consideration when buying a zero, one or two year waterproof warranty shoe.  Many shoes are even water resistant these days so even though they aren’t completely waterproof you can get away with playing early with some dew on the grass.  Although there are some mesh upper golf shoes out there and if you do play early we recommend you stay away from those types of golf shoes.

All major brands from FootJoy to Adidas always stand behind their waterproof warranties so all you have to do contact the retailer you purchased the shoes from and the manufacturer will inspect them and replace them with the same style or if that style was a closeout golf shoe that the brand no longer carries they will replace it with the closest current 2017 model that they have available.

Adidas Tour360 Boost Golf Shoes

Comfort and Fit

You aren’t going to be a happy golfer if you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes. It’s always good to try shoes on even if you know what size you normally wear. This is especially important for those of you who walk the course. Everyone’s feet are different and some shoes have more cushioned soles and better arch support compared to others.  Some styles are synthetic leather and some use other types of leather that are more high-end than others.  FJ Icon Black’s use luxurious full-grain calfskin leather and FootJoy has also used Chromoskin leather from Pittard’s of England in the FootJoy D.N.A. line of golf shoes.

FootJoy DNA Golf Shoes White

You should also look at with of the toe box and heel, some shoes have a wider toe box or heel than others so if you have a wide foot, you’ll definitely want something with wider fit, such as FJ Contour Fit Golf ShoesFootJoy DryJoys Tour tend to have a slightly narrower toe box and Icon Black’s have a narrow heel so you need to take these things into consideration.  The toe character, forefoot, instep, and heel are all things that come into play and if you know your feet well enough based on the previous golf shoes you’ve worn this will help if buying golf shoes online.

Black FootJoy Contour Fit

Although most 2017 golf shoes for men or women have very cushioned insoles, some use different technology than others, in the new 2017 FJ Contour Fit they use Fine Tuned Foam 3.0, which is FJ’s softest and lightest compound.  FootJoy DryJoys DNA (DryJoys Next Advancement) also use a Fine Tuned Foam (FTF) fit bed for added comfort and heel support.  Adidas not only uses boost technology for added comfort but bounce foam in the forefoot as seen in the brand new Adidas Powerband BOA Golf Shoes, yes the same golf shoes worn by the 2017 Master’s Champion, Sergio Garcia.

Adidas Powerband BOA Boost Golf Shoes White / Lime

In recent years Foot Joy BOA Golf Shoes were brought to the market and soon after Adidas, Nike, and Puma also have BOA Golf Shoes for men and women.  If you’re not familiar with the new BOA Lacing System, it’s basically golf shoe without the traditional laces in any shoe.  There is a wire that runs through the entire shoe and all you have to do is twist the BOA knob and the wire tightens the lacing system to fit your foot perfectly.  Then you just pull the knob out and the lacing system looses so you can take the shoe off.  If you’ve worn a FootJoy DNA BOA Golf Shoe you’ll never wear anything but a golf shoe with BOA technology.

FootJoy DNA BOA Golf Shoes White Black 53311

Most golf shoes online will have a product description that explains all of these things, at Golf Headquarters we try to give you as much information on comfort and fit as possible, not only in the description but we also provide sizing charts, and real customer reviews that also mention whether the shoe runs true to size, a bit large, or a bit smaller.  This truly helps when searching for the perfect golf shoe online.  Also if you shop with us at, you can shop with confidence knowing we have free returns.

Stability, Flexibility, and Mobile Vs. Structured

Not only does every golfer have different feet, they also have different swings. Many golfers have an active lower body throughout their swing and therefore, need more stability. Those who prefer to walk on the golf course instead or using a riding cart might also need a more flexible outsole.  Next time you’re shopping either in-store or online shoes, notice the width of the outsole, the amount of spikes, and how flexible the golf shoe actually is. FJ Freestyle is good example of a flexible shoe that is great for walking the course and it keeps your feet low to the ground.

FootJoy FreeStyle Golf Shoes White Blue 57340

FootJoy also has a brand new FJ Performance Fitting System where you just have to take three swings and the FJ Fitting System will analyze your swing and recommend the right style of shoe based on your swing.  According to FootJoy’s analysis by wearing the right footwear you can see an average increase of 3 to 4 mph in swingspeed would could equate to an extra 10 yards off the tee.  The system will tell you if you need a structured shoe like FootJoy Dry Joys, FootJoy Pro SL, or Contour Fit or a mobile shoe like FJ Hyper flex golf shoes, FJ Free Style, or FJ D.N.A.  We do have the FJ Performance Fitting System at our Youngstown Golf Headquarters location, so feel free to stop in a get fit for a new pair of shoes anytime.

Spikeless Golf Shoes Vs. Spiked Golf Shoes

You’ll also notice spiked and spikeless golf shoes. We all know spikes or cleated golf shoes give you great traction and once they wear down, they can be replaced. That has both its pros and cons.  If you play in rainy weather, the added traction can definitely help, especially on golf courses with a lot of hills where you’ll be hitting from all types of lies.  However, depending on how much you play, you do have to change the soft spikes (plastic cleats) and that is an added cost.  Some retailers also charge you to even change the spikes or you can buy a spike wrench and change them yourself.

Golf Shoe Soft Spikes

On the other hand, spikeless shoes for golf have increased popularity over the past few years. Consumers have also been skeptical and concerned if the traction is as good as regular cleated golf shoes. The feedback on spikeless shoes has been increasingly positive and there are even tour players wearing spikeless golf shoes, such as Adam Scott sporting his FootJoy Pro SL Spikeless Golf Shoes. Some even buy them to wear as street shoes…they’re that stylish and comfortable! Think about FootJoy Contour Casual Spikeless Golf Shoes, very stylish and come in many colors.  Plus it’s an added benefit to be able to wear them straight from your house to the course and then anywhere whether it’s to the clubhouse for a beverage or back to your home or office.  We highly recommend you just try them on! You can’t go wrong either way.

Spikeless Golf Shoes


For many, price alone might be the single most important factor when shopping for new golf shoes. Every golf shoe manufacturer/brand has a very wide price range in their line-up of golf shoes. Some FJ Closeout Golf Shoes can be found as low as $29.99 to $39.99 and higher-end 2017 shoe models can go up to $299 or more. Either way, there is most likely a shoe you will like in YOUR price range. Some might wonder if you would be getting what you pay for. The answer: Sometimes! We say this because a shoe under $60 would most likely be synthetic leather and NOT have a waterproof warranty. This might be acceptable for someone who plays less than a handful of times a year. The shoes that are $80 or more will typically have a one or two year waterproof warranty, leather upper and better overall construction. These are the shoes that the more avid golfers might go after.

Adidas Adipower Boost 2 Golf Shoes Q44661

So what if a golfer doesn’t play often and/or can’t afford it and still wants that better shoe? Those golfers are in luck because there are always closeout deals on golf shoes. For example, you can normally find a comfortable, stylish, waterproof shoe at 50%-70% off of the original price!  Like golf clubs or golf balls, the previous season’s model gets discounted and you can always get a great deal.  Golf shoes are the same way and if you don’t mind wearing last year’s model or a discontinued golf shoe you can save a lot of money as most of these golf shoes are heavily discounted.  We all want a pair of cheap golf shoes that still provides amazing technology and features and if you shop with us, Golf Headquarters is always searching for great deals and inexpensive golf shoes for you at the lowest prices possible.  We hope this Golf Shoe Buying Guide helps you find your perfect pair of shoes and hopefully your search begins at Golf Headquarters!