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Golf Around The World Bickler Putting Aid

Bickler Putting Aid

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"The Bickler Putting Aid was one of two wrist brace products developed by Hank Bickler in the 1980's. The purple chipping aid was quite popular on tour and the green Putting Aid shown here has been used by hundreds of pros and thousands of amateurs who want to quiet the hands during the putting stroke.

By locking the player's trailing wrist the Bickler encourages a smooth pendulum stroke and makes any flipping or rolling of the hands immediately apparent. A pendulum stroke using the player's large muscles is encouraged.

The Bickler Putting Aid is a one-size fits all product and may be used right or left-handed. You will need to have a hole at the butt end of your putter grip to receive the insertion prong at the top of the Bickler that secures it to the putter. Excellent for players who are too 'handsy' or who push the upper body through the putt rather than rocking the shoulders. "