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Tour Edge Bazooka HT Max-D Draw Fairway

Bazooka HT Max-D Draw Fairway

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The Tour Edge Bazooka HT Max Draw Fairway has an offset head which makes hitting straight easier than ever. The offset promotes faster club head rotation and makes it easier to square up the club face at impact and eliminate slicing. Forgiveness is maximized by eliminating the skirt sloping the crown and placing a fixed weight screw in the rear of the sole. This design feature moves the center of gravity low and back for reduced club head twisting. For added forgiveness the HT Max Draw has four internal weight cavities in the rear of the sole that increase the club's moment of inertia (ability to resist twisting) for longer more accurate shots. The variable face thickness creates longer shots from the fairway.

Additional Features:

Crown Construction: Steel Body Construction: Steel Face Construction: Steel Grip: Tour Edge Rubber Composition Shaft: UST Mamiya