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Sabona Arnie's Army Magnetic Bracelet


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Sabona Pro-Magnetic Sport Wristbands feature a combination of magnets and minus ion producing material. The silicone wristband has a total of four 1200 gauss samarium cobalt magnets, each positioned bio north facing the skin. Wristbands also contain a titanium material which produces minus or negative ions. Sabona chooses Samarium Cobalt magnets for long term durability and rust resistant qualities.

The mission of the Prostate Cancer Foundation is to accelerate the world’s most promising prostate cancer research for better treatment and a cure. Since 1993, unique strategies for identifying and investing in the most promising research programs have generated life-saving results. PCF channels resources to the world’s top scientific minds by cutting red tape and encouraging collaboration to speed research. 

The Arnie’s Army Battles Prostate Cancer program has continuously supported the Prostate Cancer Foundation. The program has generated nearly $5 million in research funding. A portion of the sales of this special Sabona Wristband will be donated to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Sabona Pro-Magnetic Sport Wristbands will stretch but snap back to the original size. One size only