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Arccos Golf GPS Stat Tracking System

Arrcos GPS Stat Tracking System

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Arccos Golf GPS Stat Tracking System

Arccos Golf GPS Stat Tracking System comes with 14 smart sensors that attach to the handle of each golf club to deliver all the data you need on your smartphone after a one-time paring process. Every shot you play is tracked in real-time using GPS and Bluetooth, so with Arccos on the club, you’re sorted, there is no need to carry any additional devices to the course.

Once good to play, just swing, and Arccos will automatically detect your shot, providing you with every piece of data that is important to you, including average and longest drives, club usage and distance, number of greens and fairways hit and putts per hole etc. Arccos provides all the game changing knowledge to help you make better decisions on the course, or off it. After the game you can analyze your statistics off the course with your own personal dashboard. 

Note: This product currently only functions with an iPhone 4s (or newer)

Additional Features:

• 14 nearly weightless separate sensors, one for each club

• Real-time stat tracking and GPS

• No need to tap, touch, or interfere with your pre-swing routine

• Birds Eye view of the course and every shot you hit

• Arccos compiles comprehensive stats for each club in your bag

• Updates immediately to your iPhone 4s (or newer).

• 16,000 US courses mapped for instant access

• Track GIR (greens in regulation), up-and-downs, and even save percentages automatically